Tag Governance &
Management Services

What is Tag Governance?

Tag governance covers much more than technology and tag auditing. Tag governance is a system of tools and processes for establishing end-to-end ownership of all marketing tags within the enterprise.


Implementation and ongoing compliance with a global tag standards as well as tag policies for individual markets

Establishing Structure

Establishing roles and organizational structures; monitoring agency partners and holding them accountable


Ongoing testing and monitoring of data collection including the measurement of real-time performance of tags

Processes and Compliance

Developing processes for monitoring your tags compliance with the tag policy

Tag Auditing Made Simple

Understand all third-party tags loading across all pages of your websites. Identify the location of unauthorized third-party platforms loading on your website, the data collected by each, and how they are gaining access to your website. Tag Inspector’s comprehensive Tag Auditing technology allows for a clear view of how each tag is loading, including “piggy-backing” and hidden loading behavior. Using Tag Audits provided by Tag Inspector you will be able to gather all of the information you need in one place to easily define your Tag Governance Policy.

This is a bad example of tag implementation

Third-party Platform Inventory Reporting

Inventory Reporting is a huge first step in your journey to compliant tag management. The simplified reporting outputs of Tag Inspector give you visibility into all unique platforms loading across your website. In a single output, you can view:

Data Collection Visibility for CCPA and GDPR Compliance

Visibility into all data collected by each tag loading across your website. In Tags reporting, view all unique data parameters and the values being sent by each marketing and advertising platform implemented on your websites. Using this view, quickly and easily identify Personal Data and Personal Information collected to ensure required measures are in place for CCPA and GDPR compliance.

Ongoing Monitoring of Tag Governance Policies

Define your organization’s Tag Governance Policy within Tag Inspector and receive comprehensive monitoring to ensure compliance. Reporting will highlight unauthorized tags loading that are loading on your site(s), how each is loading, and how they are being introduced to the website. Automated alerting allows your organization to be proactive in monitoring to avoid potential CCPA, GDPR, and ePrivacy violations.

Our technology can automate components of tag auditing, saving your organization time and money. Beyond technology though, you need a team and developed processes for governing third party tags across the entire organization.