Why would a product manager want to use Tag Inspector?

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What marketing and analytics tools are my competition using? Which companies or sites do not have any products from X category and can be passed to the sales team? How valuable would it be to get a list of all tags running across a thousand sites so I can put together a marketing report on product adoption?  These are all types of questions marketers in the digital age are beginning to ask.

Tag Management with Tag InspectorTag Management with Tag InspectorTag Management with Tag Inspector

Value of Tag Management and Tag Knowledge

Let’s  think about this question: What is the change in tag adoption across a thousand sites that you are monitoring over the last 12 month? Did your competition go from 3% to 12% while you maintained a 5% market penetration?

That’s pretty valuable information, isn’t it?

We certainly think so.

That’s why the Tag Reporter Edition of Tag Inspector was born. What started first as a product designed to help with tag scanning and troubleshooting became a powerful marketing research tool.

How the Tag Reporter Edition of Tag Inspector Works

1. We have a number of ways to load a large list of sites into our product. This is really important for organizations that are looking at multiple  sites each month.
2. Depending on the type of tag and the number of sites, we work together to determine how many pages we need to look at to provide you with a report. In certain cases, 100 pages is enough. In certain cases we need to look at all the unique URLs.
3. Your target list is scanned once a month, twice a month or however often you want.
4. Results are reported either through Tag Inspector Interface or directly into a spreadsheet to make it easy to load into your system.

Does that sound valuable?

Quite a few of our customers think so.

Contact us to discuss how Tag Inspector can help you research your market!

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