Evaluate and Improve Your Performance Impact of Tags with Tag Inspector

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For every second a customer waits, another customer leaves your website. Ouch! It’s difficult to swallow, but in a world of instant gratification & Hi-Speed Technology, it has become unrealistic to expect consumers to wait and see what you have to offer – when three other site are producing attractive visuals at a higher speed. The hard truth is, the very … Read More

Tag Auditing Checklist

kaylieTag Audit

In our article on Tag Audits, Tag Audit – What You Need To Know, we outlined what you’ll gain from a tag audit and the general steps for undertaking the process. And in our Tag Auditing Best Practices post, we shared our (surprise!) tag auditing best practices. So how do you use all of this information in a meaningful way … Read More

Webinar Wrap-Up: Tag Audits Made Easy

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Did you catch Tag Audits Made Easy? If not, we want to let you know that you missed the best webinar and are truly missing out. Just Kidding! Of course we thought of you! In this webinar, we covered what you need to know to have stress-free and informative tag auditing. Specifically, we covered: Everything you need to create an … Read More

Tag Management Tips: Testing Tags and Pixels

Lucas LongData Collection Validation, Tag Audit, Tag Management

What tags and pixels are on my site? Did my Facebook Pixel get implemented before our campaign kicked off this morning? Are these things even collecting the data we asked for? We hear these questions constantly from digital marketers. And the thing is, all of them can be easily answered (without the help of IT or your dev team) with a … Read More

Zombie Tags – What’s Lurking on Your Site?

Lucas LongGeneral, Privacy, Tag Audit, Tag Management

With Halloween right around the corner, there are all kinds of things out there meant to give you a little scare. Ghosts, witches, and goblins all ready to surprise you at any moment. But what if I told you the most terrifying thing could be something you aren’t even aware of? What if there is something lingering, waiting, possibly already … Read More

Tag Auditing Best Practices

Andy GibsonTag Audit

In a previous blog post, I described what tag audits are and why they’re important. For those of you that didn’t read it, tisk tisk: P.S. If you know what movie the above gif is from, drop me a line (@apgibson16). I’ll give you a shout-out, because that’s impressive. Anyway, to summarize, tag auditing is the process of scanning your site to ensure accurate … Read More