[Webinar] Realtime, Real Results

Real Time, Real Results

Receiving information in real time is what makes the digital world go ‘round. So why are you still settling for seeing results in hours instead of minutes? If you need deep validation rules and immediate results, this webinar will cover exactly that and you’ll leave understanding: What are you waiting for? Register now and learn how Realtime can mean real … Read More

[Webinar] Don’t Miss a Beat: Monitoring Data Quality for eCommerce Enterprises

Monitoring Data Quality

Have you ever had to utter the words “It looks like we don’t have data for that”? Let’s say it together now: Ouch! Whether tracking wasn’t set up properly or there was a tracking outage that wasn’t remediated quickly, it’s painful to admit that the organization is missing – or has questionable – data that may be critical to decision … Read More

[Webinar] A Beginners Guide to the Data Layer

Beginner's Guide to the Data Layer

Everyone starts somewhere and today is your day to get comfortable with the data layer! Sitting between the front-end, user experience of your website and the application layer – transferring important analytics data points from one to the other – the data layer is a critical component of any tag management system (TMS). So why exactly is it critical and … Read More

[Webinar]Tag Performance Metrics: What Matters, What Doesn’t, and Why

Tag Performance Impact

Not all performance metrics are created equal. Likewise, metrics don’t exist in a vacuum. Though there’s a desire for a simple answer to tag performance, in reality a variety of metrics need to be reviewed in tandem. We’ll break down the most important metrics to take into consideration when assessing performance and you’ll leave the webinar with: We think it’s … Read More

[Webinar] Tag Audits Made Easy

Tag Audits Made Easy

Initial reactions to that word ‘audit’ are dread and headaches, to name just a few. But what if we told you that the word could have – dare we say it – a positive association? In this webinar, we’re going to explore the wonderful world of tag auditing and how straightforward, stress-free and informative the process can be when using … Read More

[Webinar] High Speed for the Holidays: Optimizing Tag Performance

High Speed for the Holidays: Tag Management and Performance

The holidays are just around the corner, but we’re guessing we don’t need to tell you that! As we inch ever closer to the cutoff for digital changes before the shopping season is in full effect, it’s important to address any areas that might impact holiday conversions. And what is more likely to impact conversions than poor website performance? After … Read More