The Marketer’s Guide to Tag Management

If you are in digital marketing you have probably heard the term “Tag Management,” but you always ask yourself What is it? What does it do? Why should I care? In this guide we dig deeper into the world of Tag Management. Specific Topics Include: What is a Tag? Growth of Tag Management Benefits and Features Implementation and Testing Future of … Read More

The Marketer’s Guide to Implementing a Tag Management System

The Marketer’s Guide to Implementing a Tag Management System

You have done your research. You have reached out to different tag management vendors. And finally, you have selected the tag management system your company will be using. The next step is to implement the tag management system. Easy enough, right? Just put the tag management system on your site, add tags and you’re done! Unfortunately, it’s not quite so … Read More

10 Steps to Selecting a Tag Management System [Infographic]

Tag management systems allow you to easily manage tags across multiple websites – eliminating costly per-site code or infrastructure changes. Are you interested in implementing a tag management system but not sure how to choose the right tool? Here are 10 steps that will help you select the best tag management system for you and your organization.