Why don’t US Airlines use Tag Management Systems?

Michael LobanTag Management Systems

In my previous posts, I looked at the usage of Tag Management Systems (TMS) by hotel groups and auto manufacturers. In this post, I wanted to review the use of tag management systems across US airlines. Certainly, I was not able to review  every single airline’s website, but I created a list of 13 of the largest and arguably most popular … Read More

BrightTag is the Most Popular Tag Management System In The US Car Industry

Michael LobanTag Management Systems

During Digital Velocity 2014, I became interested in seeing if certain tag management systems (TMS) dominate particular industries. The first industry that I chose to analyze was auto manufacturers. Here is how I performed the analysis: I began by scanning the US websites of the major auto manufacturers with Tag Inspector. I then summarized the results to show the specific … Read More

Tag Management Systems Used by Worldwide Hotel Groups

Michael LobanTag Management Systems

Recently, I came across a chart of the top 10 worldwide hotel groups: Naturally, I became interested in what Tag Management System is the most popular among these companies? The majority of these sites are the actual sites of the hotels. However, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group has a brand site, and then separate sites for each hotel chain that it … Read More

Using Tag Inspector for Lead Prospecting

Jimmy LoveMarketing

Tag Inspector can simplify everything from understanding your competitors and obtaining key competitive intelligence, to making sure the rights tags are firing on the right pages of your site as well as the sites of your clients.  Tag Inspector is all about simplifying tag scanning and understanding exactly what tags are firing and not firing across your site easily, quickly and … Read More

How to Use Tag Inspector for Competitive Intelligence and Research

Amin ShawkiMarketing

Last year, InfoTrust launched a tag finding and discovery product called Tag Inspector.  There are so many benefits with the functional usage of TagInspector, especially when used for competitive intelligence.  With an increasingly more competitive digital marketing landscape, a tool like Tag Inspector can provide more intel into the digital marketing landscape, in order to help improve your own digital … Read More

Welcome to the Tag Inspector Blog!

Allen GingrichGeneral

Tag Inspector Tag Management Tag Inspector is now a year old!  There have been huge changes with Tag Inspector.  From a totally revamped and more efficient crawler, non-detected crawls by analytics tools and a completely redesigned interface, Tag Inspector has constantly updated to meet clients needs! Tag Inspector Past Guiding New Tagging Features The first year we primary focused on … Read More