Webinar Wrap-Up: Data Layer Deep Dive

Courtney MorganData Collection Validation, Data Quality, Tag Management

“When we think about the data layer, one of the benefits is there isn’t any redundant information out there.” – Tyler Blatt, Analytics Engineer Is my data there yet? Yup, the data layer has you covered! In this webinar with Lucas Long and Tyler Blatt, we had the opportunity to dive deep into the data layer and better understand all the … Read More

Diving Deeper into the Data Layer

Courtney MorganTag Management, Tag Management Systems

Peeling back the layers of the data have never been sweeter! On June 7th at 1pm EST, we will be diving deeper into the data layer and focusing on all aspects within it plus demonstrating the many benefits of the central data layer. When you attend this webinar, you’ll leave: Able to explain the importance and key components of a data layer … Read More

Webinar Wrap Up: I Dream of Data (Collection)

Courtney MorganData Collection Validation

Did you miss our recent webinar on data collection with Tag Inspector? Don’t worry! We got you covered. In this webinar, we covered the ins-and-outs of data collection validation using Tag Inspector. We showed you how to: Streamline your website tag monitoring Understand the tag governance Learn about reporting options that provide a better solution With the ability to manage all the … Read More