3 Steps to Measure ROI of Data Quality for Data-Driven Marketers

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In today’s webinar, we were joined by special guest presenter and senior analyst at Forrester, Richard Joyce. He helped us examine the rise of data-driven marketing and the relationship between quality of digital data and advertising ROI. Did you know that, for a typical Fortune 1000 company, just a 10% increase in data accessibility will result in more than $65 … Read More

InfoTrust Presents Tagopedia – An Online Library of Marketing Tags

Jimmy LoveMarketing

The world of digital marketing is constantly changing, adapting, and improving to accommodate for new technologies and types of consumers. The most recent shift in digital marketing is the move from television and radio-based advertising to internet marketing. Gone are the general advertisements based on assumptions of what type of person you will reach with your ad. The move to … Read More

Tag Inspector New Feature – Web Analytics Tags Improvement

Amin ShawkiMarketing

We are excited to re-introduce and share a new feature for Tag Inspector that differentiates it from other tag inspecting tools on the market today: the ability to scan a site without impacting web analytics data!  Tag Inspector can crawl a site, emulating a real visitor browsing and capturing all tags firing on every page, but will not generate false pageviews or … Read More

Tag Inspector Report: Web Analytics and Online Advertising Tools for Top eCommerce Sites

Amin ShawkiMarketing

Our regular Tag Inspector scans can pull various types of information about different industries and marketing tools most used.  One recent study we performed was around top eCommerce companies and brand sites. Specifically, we wanted to better understand what type of marketing and analytics tags or tools are used by the top 100 eCommerce organizations. We created a report of … Read More

Welcome to the Tag Inspector Blog!

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Tag Inspector Tag Management Tag Inspector is now a year old!  There have been huge changes with Tag Inspector.  From a totally revamped and more efficient crawler, non-detected crawls by analytics tools and a completely redesigned interface, Tag Inspector has constantly updated to meet clients needs! Tag Inspector Past Guiding New Tagging Features The first year we primary focused on … Read More