4 Reasons Why Marketing Loves Tag Management Systems

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Hello, my name is Kaylie and I love marketing. From strategy to implementation, I can get pretty fired up about marketing technology. A new way to present offers to users based on the specific products they’ve looked at across shopping sessions? Need it! Heatmap and A/B testing tools to review and improve the customer experience? Yes, please! Analytics tracking that … Read More

The Impact of Tags on Website Performance

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Everywhere you look, there is a new marketing technology being promoted. One offers discounts based on user interaction while another promises to help you create targeted remarketing campaigns. And they all sound wonderful and you’re itching to get them implemented on your website. I mean, who doesn’t want more orders or an optimized user experience? Well, maybe your dev and … Read More

The Tag Management Master Guide

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Recently we have been fielding a lot more questions about tags, pixels, data collection, and tag auditing from a less technical audience. This means that tags are finally coming out of the dark corners of your website and are more of a focal point for marketing, media, and technology teams! It also means that more people need to gain an … Read More