3 Steps to Measure ROI of Data Quality for Data-Driven Marketers

kaylieData Collection Validation, Data Quality, Events, Marketing

In today’s webinar, we were joined by special guest presenter and senior analyst at Forrester, Richard Joyce. He helped us examine the rise of data-driven marketing and the relationship between quality of digital data and advertising ROI. Did you know that, for a typical Fortune 1000 company, just a 10% increase in data accessibility will result in more than $65 … Read More

6 Vital Things for a Safe Tag Management Setup

kayliePrivacy, Tag Management

This is a guest post written by Matthew La Fontaine, in collaboration with the Piwik PRO tag management and web analytics team. Are you absolutely certain you’ve done everything possible to secure the setup you’re running your tag management system (TMS) on? It’s better you get the bad news here than from someone else: If you’re using a TMS (and … Read More

Marketing Tags and Pixels – What They Are and How They Work

Lucas LongMarketing, Tag Management

Marketing Tags and Pixels? What the heck are these people talking about? Our team here at Tag Inspector specializes in all things tags and pixels. We implement them, audit them, monitor them, validate them, etc. Unless you work in IT or advertising/marketing operations, tags and pixels are probably a foreign concept that you’ve been hearing more and more about lately. … Read More

The Most Popular Tag Management Systems Among Top Ecommerce Sites

Andy GibsonTag Management Systems

Recently, we’ve been wondering about the adoption of tag management systems (TMS) across different industries. We wrote a few posts a while back about the airline and auto industries adoption (or lack thereof) of tag management. This time, we decided to figure out the most popular tag management systems across the top 500 ecommerce sites. To do this, we used the 2014 Internet Retailer Top … Read More

Tag Auditing Best Practices

Andy GibsonTag Audit

In a previous blog post, I described what tag audits are and why they’re important. For those of you that didn’t read it, tisk tisk: P.S. If you know what movie the above gif is from, drop me a line (@apgibson16). I’ll give you a shout-out, because that’s impressive. Anyway, to summarize, tag auditing is the process of scanning your site to ensure accurate … Read More

What’s a Tag Audit? And Why’s It Important?

Andy GibsonGeneral

  Have you ever run into an issue when your digital marketing and/or analytics tags have “fallen off” a site? Maybe you’re checking your AdWords conversion report or looking in Google Analytics and you notice that no data is being captured. Or maybe you use third-party measurement services like comScore or Quantcast and they’re sending you emails telling you your site isn’t … Read More

Troubleshooting Adobe SiteCatalyst Tracking with Tag Inspector

Courtney MorganData Collection Validation

Some of you have probably seen one of our latest blog posts “Debug and Troubleshoot Google Analytics Tracking Using Tag Inspector”. The Tag Inspector team is really excited about the new Google Analytics functionalities and features…if you haven’t checked them out yet, we highly recommend you run a scan and experience it for yourself! No Google Analytics? No problem! But … Read More

The Evolution of Marketing Tags

Divya NarayanGeneral

Marketing Tags are the mediums for collecting data from a website. Data that is collected from these tags power online marketing campaigns and web analytics systems. These days there is uproar about marketing tags in the web analytics space, so much so that the very basis of all informed decision making regarding any online advertising campaign is dependent on the … Read More

[UPDATED] Tag Wars: What The TagMan Acquisition by Ensighten is Telling Us About the Future of Tagging

Michael LobanGeneral

On March 18th, Ensighten acquired TagMan. Please note: We published a blog post summarizing the news and outlining possible implications. The original post can be found here. In our summary, we have missed one Tag Management System – IBM Digital Data Exchange (“DDX”). This is a revised post that takes into account this product by IBM Digital Analytics.  Details of the acquisition can be … Read More

5 To-Dos Before and After Tealium Implementation to Guarantee Successful Tag Migration

Amin ShawkiGeneral

Right now, #DV14 or Digital Velocity 2014 is taking place in San Diego, California. This is one of the most well known conferences on tag management, where hundreds of industry professionals are coming together to learn new trends and best practices in the world of tag management. Recognizing that many of the attendees have not yet implemented a tag management system across … Read More