6 Vital Things for a Safe Tag Management Setup

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This is a guest post written by Matthew La Fontaine, in collaboration with the Piwik PRO tag management and web analytics team. Are you absolutely certain you’ve done everything possible to secure the setup you’re running your tag management system (TMS) on? It’s better you get the bad news here than from someone else: If you’re using a TMS (and … Read More

{Webinar} Tag Governance, Privacy and Keeping Your Customers Safe

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What is tag governance, how does it affect your organization and what can be done to keep your customer’s data safe? Join Lucas Long, Tag Inspector’s Product Manager, for our Tag Governance and Privacy: Keeping Your Website and Customers Safe webinar on August 31st at 12pm EDT. Lucas will cover tag governance basics, from what it means to creating and maintaining a … Read More

Privacy Concerns with Healthcare.gov

Andy GibsonPrivacy

You may not have applied for universal healthcare under the Affordable Care Act, but more than likely you heard about the online marketplace known as Healthcare.gov and the debacle that surrounded its launch. Multi-hour wait times, the “prison glitch“, and other numerous bugs were everyday occurrences experienced by many while government contractors worked around the clock to fix arguably the government’s … Read More

5 Steps for Managing eCommerce Tags with Tag Inspector

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Innovative digital marketing campaigns and ensuring accurate web analytics data is critical for any online business that drives revenue online. Businesses that have eCommerce at their core cannot sacrifice quality data and still expect to drive up sales.  There are hundreds of tools and technologies built for the eCommerce marketer to leverage to increase website traffic, improve user experience, and … Read More

Welcome to the Tag Inspector Blog!

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Tag Inspector Tag Management Tag Inspector is now a year old!  There have been huge changes with Tag Inspector.  From a totally revamped and more efficient crawler, non-detected crawls by analytics tools and a completely redesigned interface, Tag Inspector has constantly updated to meet clients needs! Tag Inspector Past Guiding New Tagging Features The first year we primary focused on … Read More