Don’t Think You need Tag Management? Five Points That Will Change Your Mind.

kaylieTag Management

A question I have found myself asking, on more than one occasion, when implementing tags and tracking pixels is: “Why is this so difficult?” Well, to be perfectly honest, it was more emphatic. Something along the lines of “WHY is this so difficult!?!” while staring at my computer screen as if to imply that the screen itself had forsaken me. … Read More

The Tag Management Master Guide

Lucas LongData Collection Validation, Marketing, Tag Management

Recently we have been fielding a lot more questions about tags, pixels, data collection, and tag auditing from a less technical audience. This means that tags are finally coming out of the dark corners of your website and are more of a focal point for marketing, media, and technology teams! It also means that more people need to gain an … Read More

Google Analytics Blog publishes Michael’s post about Ensuring Data Accuracy with a Tag Management Policy


Google Analytics Blog recently published Michael Loban’s guest post about Ensuring Data Accuracy with a Tag Management Policy. Here’s a sample and link to the full article… Adopting a Tag Management System like Google Tag Manager is a great way to go, but having a great tool to organize and deploy your tags is often not enough. You still need a system, a process, … Read More