4 Reasons Why Marketing Loves Tag Management Systems

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Hello, my name is Kaylie and I love marketing. From strategy to implementation, I can get pretty fired up about marketing technology. A new way to present offers to users based on the specific products they’ve looked at across shopping sessions? Need it! Heatmap and A/B testing tools to review and improve the customer experience? Yes, please! Analytics tracking that … Read More

Webinar Wrap-Up: Next Level Tag Management

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Earlier this week, Tyler showed you how to take your tag management to the next level with a webinar on Advanced Tag Management System (TMS) Usage. He covered everything you need to become a Tag Management System Guru, from establishing a complex data layer to setting up strict user access roles. If you missed it, never fear – your recap … Read More

Kick Your Tag Management Game Up a Notch!


What’s a guy or gal to do once they’ve set up their tag management system (TMS)? Tags have been migrated, removing tags or deploying new tags is easier than ever and all is smooth sailing…so what could be left? Our upcoming webinar on Next Level Tag Management, of course! This webinar will take you to new tag management heights, covering: … Read More

5 To-Dos Before and After Tealium Implementation to Guarantee Successful Tag Migration

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Right now, #DV14 or Digital Velocity 2014 is taking place in San Diego, California. This is one of the most well known conferences on tag management, where hundreds of industry professionals are coming together to learn new trends and best practices in the world of tag management. Recognizing that many of the attendees have not yet implemented a tag management system across … Read More

5 Steps for Managing eCommerce Tags with Tag Inspector

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Innovative digital marketing campaigns and ensuring accurate web analytics data is critical for any online business that drives revenue online. Businesses that have eCommerce at their core cannot sacrifice quality data and still expect to drive up sales.  There are hundreds of tools and technologies built for the eCommerce marketer to leverage to increase website traffic, improve user experience, and … Read More

Why don’t US Airlines use Tag Management Systems?

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In my previous posts, I looked at the usage of Tag Management Systems (TMS) by hotel groups and auto manufacturers. In this post, I wanted to review the use of tag management systems across US airlines. Certainly, I was not able to review  every single airline’s website, but I created a list of 13 of the largest and arguably most popular … Read More

Tag Management Systems Used by Worldwide Hotel Groups

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Recently, I came across a chart of the top 10 worldwide hotel groups: Naturally, I became interested in what Tag Management System is the most popular among these companies? The majority of these sites are the actual sites of the hotels. However, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group has a brand site, and then separate sites for each hotel chain that it … Read More

[Webinar] Ensuring Data Accuracy with a Tag Management Policy

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The quality of website analytics data we have is directly related to the tag management processes adopted by an organization.  Adopting a Tag Management System might be one of the ways to go, but having a great tool to organize and deploy your tags is often not enough. You still need a system, a process, and ongoing review. Top benefits for using Tag … Read More