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Tag Inspector Tag Management

Tag Inspector is now a year old!  There have been huge changes with Tag Inspector.  From a totally revamped and more efficient crawler, non-detected crawls by analytics tools and a completely redesigned interface, Tag Inspector has constantly updated to meet clients needs!

Tag Inspector - Find All Tags Firing On Your Site

Tag Inspector Past Guiding New Tagging Features

The first year we primary focused on marketing and talking about the product on the main InfoTrust blog and that served us extremely well. However, despite the fact that InfoTrust blog is fortunate to have very high PR, we still feel that it is important to start separating the blogs so that the readers interested in Tag Inspector, wouldn’t have to worry about reading content that has nothing to do with Tagging, Privacy and Scanning.

So, say hello to taginspector.com/blog

Here is the first tip for today.

Did you know that Tag Inspector 2.0 can show which tags are loading from inside Tag Management System vs directly from the source code of the page (we call this Tag Inspector Tag Management)? Why is this important? For many reasons! You may be double-tracking your visitors and page views, you are most definitely slowing down the site and last but not least you may even be costing your company more money in reported hits.

Stay in touch with us and learn about new blog posts by simply creating an account and start scanning today!

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