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Migrating to a Tag Management System

We left off our Master Guide to Tag Management Series with Part 3, where we discussed the creation of a Tag Policy. A Tag Policy is extremely valuable for a number of reasons: From governance, to defining data requirements for ongoing tag monitoring, to helping with migration of tags to a Tag Management System. It […]

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The Friday Five – This Week in the Tag Management Space (5/20)

The Friday Five catches you up weekly on the big stories in the Tag Management Space. We summarize, and you enjoy.     For this week in the Tag Management Space: Ensighten Joins the IBM Universal Behavior Exchange – As one of the leaders in the enterprise tag management space, Ensighten announced its integration with […]

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The Marketer’s Infographic to Tag Management

Last week we published The Marketer’s Guide to Tag Management. In the guide, we outlined the tag management industry!  We covered: What is a tag? The growth of tag management The benefits and features How to implementation and test your tag management system The future of tag management Since there was a lot of information provided in […]

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The Most Popular Tag Management Systems Among Top Ecommerce Sites

Recently, we’ve been wondering about the adoption of tag management systems (TMS) across different industries. We wrote a few posts a while back about the airline and auto industries adoption (or lack thereof) of tag management. This time, we decided to figure out the most popular tag management systems across the top 500 ecommerce sites. To do this, we […]

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10 Steps to Selecting a Tag Management System

Back in April, Michael Loban and I presented a webinar on the 10 Steps to Selecting a Tag Management System. We received some great feedback from attendees, some of which was from tag management system vendors themselves. If you didn’t have a chance to make the webinar, have no fear, I’ll take you through the 10 steps we covered! 1. […]

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How to Migrate to a Tag Management System with Tag Inspector

What’s the worst part about using a tag management system? When you pay thousands of dollars for the tool and implementation resources, but there are still tags and other scripts/beacons sitting on your site’s source. We scan thousands of (non-client) sites daily and often find tag management systems deployed on sites with more tags deployed […]

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[Short Video] Implementing a Tag Management System

Migrating to a tag management system is a difficult process. Tag Inspector will provide an inventory of the tags firing on your site, ensuring you’ve properly migrated all tags to your new TMS. Plus, after implementation, you can rescan your website to make sure the Tag Management container is on every page of your site. […]

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Tag Wars: What The TagMan Acquisition by Ensighten is Telling Us About the Future of Tagging

Today, on March 18th, Ensighten acquired TagMan. Details of the acquisition can be found on the Ensighten website. This follows a few other interesting industry developments to consider: The $27 million BrightTag received from investor and partner Yahoo Japan. Adobe’s acquisition of Satelite tag management system. Tealium raising $15.6M in Series C Financing There are […]

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5 Steps for Managing eCommerce Tags with Tag Inspector

Innovative digital marketing campaigns and ensuring accurate web analytics data is critical for any online business that drives revenue online. Businesses that have eCommerce at their core cannot sacrifice quality data and still expect to drive up sales.  There are hundreds of tools and technologies built for the eCommerce marketer to leverage to increase website […]

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Why don’t US Airlines use Tag Management Systems?

In my previous posts, I looked at the usage of Tag Management Systems (TMS) by hotel groups and auto manufacturers. In this post, I wanted to review the use of tag management systems across US airlines. Certainly, I was not able to review  every single airline’s website, but I created a list of 13 of the […]

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