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[Webinar] Tag Management for ECommerce Enterprises

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Product Manager

Lucas LongProduct Manager

A few paid search pixels here, new conversion platform tracking there, oh – and don’t forget the five other website tags you need to implement this month! And the general eCommerce analytics tracking that underpins it all…

All of these tags affect performance and data quality across your websites and need as much TLC as your product pages if everything is to stay in proper working order. Do you care about your data and site performance? Then this is the webinar for you (we’re looking at you marketers, developers, and analysts)!

We’ll walk through the tag lifecycle and our Tag Management Methodology, focusing specifically on how it relates to large eCommerce organizations. When the webinar is complete, you will:

  • Feel ready to create a tag management process that will bring structure to the organization’s digital initiatives
  • Understand the importance of ongoing monitoring and know how to choose an automated solution

If you’re ready to tackle tag management, or are just getting started and are looking for a primer, we’ll see you there!