[Webinar] Data Layer Deep Dive - Tag Inspector - Find tags firing on your site

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[Webinar] Data Layer Deep Dive

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11am EST

It sits between the front-end, user experience of your website and the application layer, transferring important analytics data points from one to the other. It’s theData Layer!

The data layer is a critical component of any tag management system (TMS) and implementing a TMS without a data layer is going to leave you missing out on major benefits. But you already know that and you’re ready to dive deeper into all aspects of the data layer, right?

Then this is the webinar for you, as we’ll deep dive into Data Layers and discuss:

  • Business Considerations:
    • Why a data layer is important
    • What to include in your data layer
    • General architecture/structure of a data layer
  • Technical Considerations:
    • How to implement a data layer
    • A deeper look at data layer architecture
    • Data layer development requirements
  • Primary benefits of using a central data layer


Product Manager

Lucas LongProduct Manager

Analytics Engineer

Tyler BlattAnalytics Engineer