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[Webinar] Don’t Miss a Beat: Monitoring Data Quality for eCommerce Enterprises

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Event Details


1pm EDT


Product Manager

Lucas LongProduct Manager

Have you ever had to utter the words “It looks like we don’t have data for that”?

Let’s say it together now: Ouch!

Whether tracking wasn’t set up properly or there was a tracking outage that wasn’t remediated quickly, it’s painful to admit that the organization is missing – or has questionable – data that may be critical to decision making.

We want to take away that pain by making data quality concerns a thing of the past.

Join us and you’ll walk away from the webinar:

  • With a deeper knowledge of data quality concerns, as it pertains specifically to eCommerce enterprises
  • Understanding how monitoring can assist with initial testing and ongoing alerting for any issues as they arise
  • Ideas on how to implement automated monitoring and create data confidence within the organization

Join us and learn how to prevent surprise data issues (and the pain of explaining them)!