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Automatically Validate Marketing Tag Behavior On Any Website

Full Site Tag/Pixel Inventory and Audit

Identify all tag behavior for all tags/pixels loading across all pages of your site. Use Tag Inspector Scans to get a full inventory of tags loading on the site. Identify pages containing tags, pages missing tags, and how tags are loading. With Tag Inspector Realtime, see true tag coverage. Not just pages tags are present on, but what percentage of the time are they actually firing.

Ongoing Tag Monitoring

Monitor the behavior of tags at all times in the live environment.
Identify tags that are removed from the site, data that is no longer being collected by tags, and any changes in tags on the site. Create Validation Rules around required tags and data collection. If the rules are broken, be alerted in real time of any violations.

Data Collection Validation

Validate that key data is being collected properly, every time.
Identify issues with campaigns not being tracked properly, ecommerce data not being collected on conversion pages, etc. Go beyond ensuring the initial implementation is correct, validate proper data collection in the live environment at all times. Tag Inspector Realtime will validate every conversion, every button click, every page load to identify any issues and the frequency of those issues.