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Implement and Verify your Marketing Tags, Beacons & Pixels with Tag Inspector

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Implement and Verify your Marketing Tags, Beacons & Pixels

Tag Inspector is a tool developed by InfoTrust that fulfills the shortcomings of similar products like Ghostery and Firebug. Tag Inspector will crawl every page of the website entered, including javascript files and tag management systems, to find all the marketing tags of your company’s site, the site of a competitor, or the site’s of potential clients. Therefore, once your marketing tag, beacon, or pixel has been implemented on your site, Tag Inspector can verify a successful deployment. It then generates a downloadable report listing all tags and their locations. If a tag fires on one page but not on another, Tag Inspector will inform you of the pages that the tag is missing.

Tag Report Details and Tag Implementation

After implementation, verify where tags are firing across your site . The detailed reports provided by Tag Inspector will show exactly where and how tags are firing (such as through a Tag Management system). As an added bonus, our Google Analytics troubleshooting widgets show critical errors in analytics deployment.

Tag Report Details and Google Analytics Troubleshooting

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