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Tag Inspector for Agencies

Tag Inspector is an automated tag auditing and monitoring platform to help organizations ensure proper tag deployment and data collection across their entire site. Using Tag Inspector, our agency partners are able to audit client sites, automatically QA new tag and analytics architecture, and provide ongoing monitoring and support.

Use Cases

1) Tag Auditing: Using Tag Inspector Scans, identify all tags loading on client (and prospect) sites. Immediately offer recommendations for platforms to remove, consolidate, or invest in to enhance their digital marketing practice.

2) Data Collection Validation and QA: Architecting and helping clients build a new analytics architecture with a robust data layer is time-intensive and difficult, testing it shouldn’t be. Tag Inspector allows you to ensure tags are loading in the correct way, data is completely being collected, and the data layer structure is accurate.

3) Ongoing Monitoring and Support: Using Tag Inspector Realtime Validation, help clients ensure that the effort and investment in architecture doesn’t go to waste. Automated data collection validation alerts critical parties of any errors in real time as they occur. Enhance the support model and ensure value is realized from your hard work.

Agency Model

Our goal is to work with our agency partners to help you deliver more value to your clients. Licenses and partner models are flexible, depending upon what works best for your situation. Common options include:

1) Referral Model: For agency partners that do not have the capacity to audit and monitor tags for clients, we offer a substantial referral program. With this, all Partners that refer clients directly to Tag Inspector receive a portion of the revenue from the license on a monthly basis.

2) Agency License: We do not charge on a per domain or per client basis. Purchase an agency license and use the Scans along with Realtime across all clients. Deliver additional value, automate and enhance your own processes, and receive additional margin.

3) Custom Packages: Also available, just ask!


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