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Tag Inspector Audiences


  • Find all the marketing tags on an entire site
  • Code excerpts of all tags found
  • Search for well over 1,000 tags
  • Test on-demand or schedule tests
  • Tag Inventory for Tag Management System Implementation

Web Analysts

  • Ensure proper analytics tracking across entire site and receive alerts if any tracking is lost through scheduled reports
  • Analyze site before and after Tag Management System implementation or migration
  • Monitor changes to analytics tags over time

Web Operations

  • Understand duplicate or inconsistent tagging of sites affecting site performance
  • Troubleshoot tag loading and firing errors for proactive code fixes.
  • Insure full coverage for tag reporting
  • Distributed geo-location testing

Media Privacy

  • Report third-party and piggy-backing
  • Complete site scan using different browser types
  • Report tag violations
  • Scan pages accessible by logged in users only

Product Vendors

  • Ensure your site and client sites are accurately tagged
  • Track site code changes that could affect tag deployment and tracking
  • Get alerts and scheduled scans to proactively monitor tags
  • Test marketing tag deployment
  • Understand competitor tags used
  • Will scan confirmation and conversion pages through form/login authentication