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Tag Auditing Checklist

In our article on Tag Audits, Tag Audit – What You Need To Know, we outlined what you’ll gain from a tag audit and the general steps for undertaking the process. And in our Tag Auditing Best Practices post, we shared our (surprise!) tag auditing best practices. So how do you use all of this […]

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Webinar Wrap Up: I Dream of Data (Collection)

Did you miss our recent webinar on data collection with Tag Inspector? Don’t worry! We got you covered. In this webinar, we covered the ins-and-outs of data collection validation using Tag Inspector. We showed you how to: Streamline your website tag monitoring Understand the tag governance Learn about reporting options that provide a better solution With the […]

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Tag Management Tips: Testing Tags and Pixels

What tags and pixels are on my site? Did my Facebook Pixel get implemented before our campaign kicked off this morning? Are these things even collecting the data we asked for? We hear these questions constantly from digital marketers. And the thing is, all of them can be easily answered (without the help of IT or […]

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Save Time on Tag Testing and Data Collection with Tag Inspector

We want to help you start 2017 headed in the right direction! This month, we are hosting two webinars that will not only help you streamline your data collection management but will also give a detailed guide to tag testing for painless implementations. On January 17th at 2 pm EST, we’re going to cover the […]

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Tag Management Tips: Triggering Events On Clicks With GTM

Tag Management Tips & Tricks – On-Click Event Tracking Configuration with GTM There are a number of situations in which you need to trigger a tag or fire an event when a user interacts with a button on your website. This could be a form submission, login action, add to cart, etc. Without an event […]

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4 Reasons Why Marketing Loves Tag Management Systems

Hello, my name is Kaylie and I love marketing. From strategy to implementation, I can get pretty fired up about marketing technology. A new way to present offers to users based on the specific products they’ve looked at across shopping sessions? Need it! Heatmap and A/B testing tools to review and improve the customer experience? […]

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Webinar Wrap-Up: Start Scanning

Did you miss our recent webinar on scanning with Tag Inspector? We’ve got you covered! In this webinar, we covered: – Setting up your first scan – Advanced scan options that can be applied – How to set up scheduled scans – Benefits of setting up an automated scanning process Click here to get instant […]

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Webinar Wrap-Up: Building Better User Experiences with Tag Management + Analytics

Did you miss our recent webinar on Building Better User Experiences with Tag Management + Analytics? Well, the holidays are here early for you because we have a recap! Watch this webinar and do the following: Build a solid tag management process Get more accurate data to your analytics platform, so you feel confident in making […]

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Using Scans to Save Time Without Compromising on Quality

Setting up scans can feel a bit intimidating. After all, this is the data you will make important decisions off of. But never fear, Tag Inspector is here to break down the steps and show you how easy it really is! On November 29th at 2pm EST, we’re going to show you: How to setup […]

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Webinar Wrap-Up: Your Friend, The Data Layer

Earlier this week, Lucas showed you why the Data Layer is a critical component of any tag management system (TMS) and how implementing a TMS without a Data Layer is going to leave you missing out on all of the major benefits that made you adopt one in the first place. If you missed it, […]

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