[Webinar Download ] 5 Tips for Managing Your Clients' Marketing Stack

As a digital agency, working with all of your clients’ complex marketing systems is a common challenge.  With clients having unique configurations for their marketing and analytics systems, keeping track of what is working and what needs to be updated, and when, can take sufficient amount of time and effort. Not only knowing which mix of tools are used, but how they are deployed and what data they are collecting is nearly impossible to do manually and on an ongoing  basis. Even keeping track of what new pages are being added or removed from your clients websites and making sure conversion tracking doesn’t drop off is easier said than done. And yet, our clients expect nothing less.

Committing to a strong process for reviewing your clients’ marketing stack and mix of digital technologies will ensure nothing falls through the cracks.  Even if your agency does not directly manage all the marketing systems used by your clients, understanding interdependencies and what tools are used can help with delivering quality digital campaigns. In this webinar, we will review how Tag Inspector’s suite of tools can help any agency, large or small, manage clients’ marketing stack and ensure the best deployment of these technologies.

Most common issues with marketing technology management (source:Forrester Research, Inc.)

Top Issues Marketing Stack Technologies

In this free online webinar, we covered the following:

  • How to build an inventory of your clients’ marketing stack
  • Reviewing your customers implementation of their marketing tools
  • Best practices for standardization across systems
  • Setting up policies and ways to enforce data management
  • Delivering results faster and with higher quality data