Tag Inspector 2022 Quarterly Product Release: New Features & Improvements

Tag Inspector 2022 Quarterly Product Release: New Features & Improvements
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The Tag Inspector Product Team is hard at work creating new features and improvements. In the first product release for 2022, Tag Inspector has new changes to the way it handles Realtime validations. These changes will help find rule successes, especially later in the page lifecycle. If you’d like to learn more about implementing these features, please contact your Tag Inspector consultant or sales person.

Realtime Validation Improvements

Rule validations can be tricky when they are dependent on page interactions like click events. This quarter we released two solutions for Realtime to improve rule validations.

The first improvement is the ability to add Custom Event Listeners. Our default Event Listeners occur on Dom Load, Window Before Unload, and Window Unload events. We now have the ability to add custom events to this list. Contact your Tag Inspector consultant to ask for more details!

The second improvement is server-side rule validation. This solution checks failed validations in a second pass on our servers after the data is collected to re-evaluate the rule. This will greatly reduce the number of failures for a rule that occur due to evaluations that occur before a tag fires. This is applied automatically and no setup is required.

Consent Conditions Improvements

As industry and standards change, we change with them. Consent has shifted from an opt-in model to an opt-in or opt-out model and Tag Inspector has made improvements to adjust to that change. This iteration of consent improvements includes changes to our backend processing for handling both models of consent.

Infrastructure Improvements

As scan and realtime demand increases, we ensure our servers and processes are upgraded as needed to meet demand. We have been working hard to make changes necessary to maintain stability and consistency across our services.

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Originally Published On April 7, 2022
April 7, 2022