Get to know our customer data governance partner.

Tag Inspector the platform provides insights necessary to audit tag behavior, define your tag governance policy, and monitor your standards. Need help taking action on those insights? That’s where our consulting partner, InfoTrust, comes in.

From helping your team create governance processes and defining data architectures, to remediating issues with tag management, InfoTrust is here to help every step of the way.

Made By Marketing Analytics Experts

As the team that brought Tag Inspector to market, InfoTrust is an end-to-end digital analytics consulting, customer data governance, and technology company with a broad range of Google partner certifications. InfoTrust works with many of the world’s most recognizable CPG, retail, and publishing brands.

InfoTrust Consulting Service

Data Governance Process Guidance and Support

Auditing and cleaning up your tag architecture is a start, but processes ensure adherence to your defined governance policies over the long haul. InfoTrust will help you create the processes necessary to ensure complete and compliant data collection in the most efficient way possible to drive business decisions and exceed customer expectations.

InfoTrust Consulting Service

Third-Party Tag Management

The base requirement for collecting complete and accurate data is proper implementation of tags. InfoTrust has experience managing analytics, media, and marketing tags within all tag management systems (TMS) on the market.

Consulting Service

Data Collection Architecture Definition and Analytics Implementation

InfoTrust consultants thoroughly review planning and documentation on architecture. Then, working with your business teams, they provide an implementation guide to deliver digital analytics that you can confidently base decisions on.

Consulting Service

Data Privacy Access and Deletion Request Architecture

GDPR and the CCPA each define requirements to provide users’ their personal information and/or delete their personal information upon request. With data being mapped and stored in many third-party platforms, this is no easy task. InfoTrust’s integrations team has experience creating automated platforms to make these processes streamlined and straightforward, helping your organization meet user expectations.

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