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Marketing, analytics, and data governance teams across the globe trust Tag Inspector to give them confidence in their data quality. Whether you're in the CPG, retail, eCommerce, or media industry, Tag Inspector can make monitoring and enforcing your tag policies a cinch.

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Kent Oldham, InfoTrust COO and Former P&G IT Senior Director
"With the California Consumer Privacy Act leading the way, state comprehensive-privacy laws are drastically altering how companies approach tag auditing and management."
— Kent Oldham, InfoTrust COO and Former P&G IT Senior Director
Use Case

Evaluate and ensure all tags are respecting privacy & compliance requirements

Tag Inspector provides visibility into all tags loading and the data each is collecting. The Compliance & Privacy module allows you to evaluate each tag for privacy requirements, define your compliance and privacy policy, and monitor that policy to alert of compliance risks.

Use Case

Real-time validation of your data collection architecture

Tag Inspector provides comprehensive testing across all environments of your data collection requirements. Defined expected data collected by tags, as well as expected behavior of your data layer object, is all validated and monitored in real time.

Use Case

Quantify the performance impact of each tag loading on your sites

Users expect a seamless browsing experience. With Tag Inspector Performance Analysis, gain the insights you need to identify which specific tags are impacting page performance and quantify the performance cost of your tag architecture.

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