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Tag Inspector is a tag auditing and monitoring platform designed for marketing, analytics, and governance pros. If you manage a large site or multi-brand enterprise, Tag Inspector’s comprehensive tag library and suite of auditing functionality provides unparalleled confidence that your data is complete, compliant, and efficient across your organization.

Tag Inspector Features

From basic site scanning to building comprehensive tag governance policies, Tag Inspector does it all.
Product Features

Base Scan Reporting

View information about tags loading on any digital property within your organization. Tag Inspector reporting (at the non-free levels) includes information about tags that are loading, how each is loading, pages containing each tag, data being collected, and cookies set.

Product Features

Realtime Monitoring

Get comprehensive live-environment monitoring with Tag Inspector Realtime. Tag Inspector is the only tag auditing solution that gives you a live look at tags loading, data collected, and any data collection issues identified on your live site as users are interacting with each page. Be alerted in minutes if and when tags break.

Product Features

Privacy and Compliance

Audit and monitor your tag privacy and compliance policies across all your digital properties in one place. Tag Inspector will simulate conditions of user consent, identify the governance risk level of data collected, and automatically identify personally-identifiable information (PII) being collected to audit and monitor all aspects of your tag architecture. Policy monitoring helps you identify unauthorized tag behavior before it becomes a compliance risk.

Product Features

Data Architecture Validation

Data validation rules in Tag Inspector allow you to define critical data collection requirements and automatically test each in the live environment. Be alerted in real-time when data collection issues arise to cut down data outages from days to hours.

Product Features

Tag Performance Analysis

Tag Inspector Performance Scans give you the ability to quantify the performance impact of tags deployed across your websites. Audit to view the tags responsible for the biggest impacts on user experience and monitor to proactively identify issues with new tags as they arise. Finally have quantifiable data to weigh business value against performance cost for all of your digital marketing, analytics, and media platforms.

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