Are Your Marketing Tags Ready for The Storm?

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One of our clients – we’ll call them Customer X – told us that, last year, they had to turn off all of their marketing tags for the product launch of the year.


Due to concerns about their tags failing at the worst possible time.This year, they no longer have that concern about marketing tag failure thanks to Tag Inspector.

Why would a company in the top 200 US sites, according to Quantcast, need to disable all of
their conversion pixels on the most important sales day of the year? They have a brilliant team
that’s fully aware of the impact that taking off conversion and other tracking pixels will have on
their ability to analyze data and track conversions. However, they had to disable conversion
pixels due to simple math.

Being a Forbes Top 100 Brand, image what a 4% delay in performance would cost them?

To give an example, though we are not going to share any Tag Failure rates from 3rd party tag
vendors, will will share one from a vendor called Audience Science (who recently went out of

Audience Science was averaging a 4% tag firing error rate. Four percent!!!

Audience Science was supposed to run on every page of the site, so 100K pageviews would
result in 4K HTTP errors. HTTP errors while loading the tag means that javascript on the page
will keep loading – keep spinning – trying to send the data, and will keep taking up valuable
processing resources that will impact site performance.

This was 4% under normal circumstances for a high traffic, global brand site. Not during the
holiday season or a highly anticipated product launch. Now imagine what a 4% error rate in just one tag would do when a site is about to experience one of their peak days.

So imagine our customer X, being a Forbes Top 100 brand on the day of the launch. What
would a 4% delay in performance cost them?

You can make an argument that when the brand is so strong, then the customers may be a little bit more forgiving to performance issues, but we are all about numbers, not brand sentiments. And the numbers tell a very scary picture, indeed.

Today, we are going to focus on what can be done about failing tags right now.

Tag Inspector Realtime allows us to monitor performance data on some of the largest sites in
the world.

Sites that are doing a billion dollars a year in sales (our largest customer’s website is actually doing $2B in sales/year). Combining this data with the data from analytics systems gives us incredible insight into what performance issues could cost top trafficked sites.

Between Tag Inspector, our SAAS product, and InfoTrust, a global consulting analytics
company, we are fortunate to be working with some of the largest brands and enterprises in the
world. We can’t share our customer’s data but we can look at some averages and the averages are astounding.

Our research shows that the average number of marketing tags on US-based Internet Retailer
1000 sites is 40, with some sites loading as many as 70 tags.

You can do the math as well as we can, so you can understand why our Customer X had to turn
off their tags in the past. Why the tags are failing at a high rates is a subject for another blog post, but we are going to focus on what can be done about it today.

We are fortunate to be working with some of the largest brands and enterprises in the world.

Tag Inspector, a product of InfoTrust, is a SaaS product that monitors marketing tag
performance in real time. Yes, we are a tag (and if you have any concerns about our
performance, we are happy to share our data with you). Our tags are running on the latest,
highly scalable Amazon cloud infrastructure and as long as Amazon is up, we guarantee a lot of 9s in our SLA.

Tag Inspector Real Time has highly sophisticated real-time alerting capabilities which includes the ability to send you, as a website operational “owner”, text message alerts when certain tags are consistently down. This is real user data collecting real time from the actual website visitors.

This level of defense allows our clients to feel confident during peak volume times that they do not need to disable their tags just in case something fails. They can now confidently run the tags through peak hours knowing that if the infrastructure supporting one of the tags starts to fail, they will be notified immediately by our validation engine and they will be able to go into their tag management system and disable this tag, and only this tag, within minutes.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up.

We are now weeks away from the highest sales season of the year. Talk to our product specialist today to find out how we can set up a line of defense protecting your conversions. Real-Time monitoring and validation is just one of the capabilities of Tag Inspector.

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