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Whether you are a digital professional charged with running an eCommerce website, a media site, or digital marketing campaigns you probably have experienced frustration with the loss of data collection. This results in poor campaign performance, lack of optimization capabilities, no remarketing opportunities, and limited Return on Investment (ROI).

Site performance issues caused by deploying too many tags and pixels, or having too many third party technologies, can affect your bottom line. Tag Inspector can help monitor ongoing data collection, as well as tag and pixel loading issues so you can improve conversion and ROI.

Loss of Data: The Contributing Factors

If you are attracting a large number of visitors to your site but they do not convert due to your increased page load time, caused by technology bloat on your website, then you are losing business. Loss of Data: The Contributing Factors

The numerous tools, platforms and vendors that can be utilized for retargeting, analytics and tracking on your website can negatively affect your website performance, especially on mobile devices. Deploying too many tags and pixels, third party JavaScript code, or tracking technologies on your website can cause a hit to website performance.

If you are attracting a large number of visitors to your site but they do not convert due to your increased page load time, caused by technology bloat on your website, then you are losing business.

Quality Data Collection vs. Technology

Website performance is often compromised between the need for quality data collection and ensuring that technology is deployed properly across your website. You want to continue to consistently add new customers as your website matures or campaigns and landing pages are added.

But you also want to ensure that even with code changes, you don’t lose out on collecting data about what your customers are doing, how much they’re purchasing, what they’re interacting with, et cetera. Therefore, you need ongoing maintenance and data quality standards in place to ensure newly deployed technologies do not affect data collection.

In addition, it’s very important to understand the impact third party tools and technologies have on your site’s performance. You want to keep your website lean and loading quickly.

Finally, the more data being collected for third party tools, the more potential for giving away information or data to your competitors due to using the same technologies. You also need a way to check if old pixels or tags from previous implementations are still deployed, or new tags are being deployed without your consent through tag piggybacking or some other form of implementation.

Once you find these issues, you need to be able to easily fix them by cleaning up old tags and pixels. This is where Tag Inspector comes to the rescue!

Tag Inspector + Data Validation

As stated previously, you need to make sure that the tags, pixels, vendor technology, data collection needed by different advertising tools, remarketing and optimizing campaigns are not causing site performance issues. You also need to ensure that certain tags or pixels are deployed correctly on the right pages, on the right actions and collecting the right data attributes and values.

For example, on a “thank you page”, you need to fire multiple conversion pixels for multiple technologies. All advertising platforms need to know when a conversion actually occurs. So on the thank you page, you will fire a particular tag or pixel and send that data to the various marketing partners you are using.

However, just signifying that the thank you page was reached is not always enough. For an ecommerce site, you may need to the transaction id, revenue, the products purchased in the transaction, the type and categories of the products purchase, and more. This information is necessary for dynamic remarketing, which involves showing similar products to the same consumers as they continue across the web.

Dynamic remarketing, personalization, and audience building comes down to the product level attributes. If you are only collecting the fact that the thank you page was reached, and you are missing out on all these other key data attributes, you can’t optimize efficiently and are wasting marketing spend. You want to make the marketing budget go as far as possible when investing in campaigns and different marketing channels, so that level of detail collected from the thank you pages is required.

Tag Inspector + Data Monitoring

Often clients ask us if there is a way to automate the process of ensuring all data attributes are collected properly, that all orders are tracked, and all the details needed for their advertising platforms to perform and optimize are collected in an ongoing manner. It would be next to impossible to manually test orders on a daily basis to ensure tracking is working properly across all browsers, platforms, and devices on your website.

There has to be a way to automate testing and be alerted if suddenly some information, data attributes, values or tags are missing on certain actions or high-value pages. The more data that you don’t track, or the more time that you lose tracking for different retargeting platforms or advertising systems, the more money wasted not targeting the specific customers or audiences for your business.

Furthermore, your teams are often spread thin and marketing agencies are running numerous campaigns. As a result, you need a way to avoid doing manual testing and debugging, but also be alerted immediately when you lose data instead of finding out weeks later.

Having an ongoing scan and background monitoring tool like Tag Inspector keeps you from wasting time, money and resources on trying to identify data collection issues. It is extremely useful to receive proactive insights on when things are missing or dropped, or changes are required to fix tracking.

Tag Inspector provides peace of mind knowing that if there are any issue with your campaigns, it is not due to loss of data.

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