BrightTag is the Most Popular Tag Management System In The US Car Industry

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During Digital Velocity 2014, I became interested in seeing if certain tag management systems (TMS) dominate particular industries. The first industry that I chose to analyze was auto manufacturers. Here is how I performed the analysis:

  • I began by scanning the US websites of the major auto manufacturers with Tag Inspector.
  • I then summarized the results to show the specific tag management system each company utilizes on their site.

Here are the results:

Total Number of Sites Scanned:  29
No TMS Present:  16
Ensighten:  2
BrightTag:  8
Adobe Tag Container:  2
Tealium:  1

To summarize, the majority of US car companies’ websites do not use a TMS. But, of the ones that do, BrightTag is the clear winner. Here is the complete breakdown:

Ensighten No TMS BrightTag Adobe Tag Container Tealium
Acura X
Audi X
Buick X
Cadillac X
Chevrolet X
Chrysler X
Dodge X
Ford X
Honda X
Hyundai X
Infiniti X
Jaguar X
Jeep X
Lexus  X
Lincoln X
Maseratti X
Mazda X
Mercedes-Benz X
Nissan X
Porshe X
Subaru X
Tesla X
Toyota X
Volvo X

This certainly is not the most complete study of tag management systems used across the auto industry, but it gives us a good indication of overall usage within the US market. There are still plenty of opportunities for auto manufacturers to embrace TMS.

Interested in performing your own analysis for a specific industry?  Check out Tag Inspector and run a free scan today!

Originally Published On February 22, 2014
October 8, 2020