Tag Inspector’s Current Compatibility with Consent Management Platforms

Tag Inspector's Current Compatibility with Consent Management Platforms
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Today, Tag Inspector supports simulating binary consent (Accept All or Decline All) on the following 17 Consent Management Platforms (CMPs):

  1. Evidon
  2. Ghostery
  3. Tealium
  4. TrustArc (formerly TRUSTe)
  5. Truyo
  6. Ensighten
  7. Tag Commander
  8. Baycloud
  9. osanoSet
  10. UserCentric
  11. Cassie
  12. Syrenis
  13. CIVIC UK
  14. CookieYes
  15. Complianz
  16. Drupal
  17. OneTrust

Additionally, specifically for OneTrust, which has ~33% market share in the CMP space, Tag Inspector features the ability to simulate category consent from the following regions when performing Tag Inspector scans:

  1. U.S. – Virginia
  2. U.S. – California
  3. Sydney – Australia
  4. Frankfurt – Germany
  5. London – England
  6. Paris – France
  7. São Paulo – Brazil

Tag Inspector will automatically detect the CMP your site is configured with. If that CMP is OneTrust, when you select the Categories option, you will then see the detected categories display below the radio buttons.

Additionally: categories can be dependent on the scan region! In this below screenshot, these are the consent categories detected for United States-Virginia. However, depending on how your site is geo-fenced,‌ the consent categories may change depending on your scan region.

An Important Note for Organizations with Custom CMP Configurations

One final important note: Tag Inspector is currently compatible with CMP simulation for the most common default consent configurations for each CMP. Many CMPs offer the ability for organizations to customize their default CMP configuration, however. If your organization has specially customized the CMP configuration on your website, then Tag Inspector is not guaranteed to ‌work with simulating consent on your site out of the box. In this case, some further configuration may be required with a Tag Inspector consultant to try to make TI scans properly simulate consent when scanning.

Consent Matters!

In this day and age, making sure that your site is honoring a user’s consent preferences is incredibly important and critical to reducing and preventing litigation risk for your organization. Especially as regulations increasingly involve, it is as critical as ever to ensure that all of the sites for your organization are continually in compliance and are respecting user consent preferences.

To this end, let Tag Inspector do the heavy lifting for you! We make it our sole purpose to stay on top of each CMP to ensure that we can properly simulate consent on any sites using their platforms. Additionally, Tag Inspector is continually rolling out new regions to scan from as increasingly more geographies come online with their own regulatory regimes and frameworks.

If you are curious to see how compliant your sites are, set up a demo with a Tag Inspector consultant today. We would love to help you catch non-compliant tags on your site that don’t respect consent before the authorities detect them for you. Better to find and remediate rogue tags now than be fined by a governmental authority and be in the headlines (for all of the wrong reasons) later!

Do you have questions about Consent Management Platforms?

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Originally Published On January 18, 2024
January 18, 2024