Why don’t US Airlines use Tag Management Systems?

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In my previous posts, I looked at the usage of Tag Management Systems (TMS) by hotel groups and auto manufacturers. In this post, I wanted to review the use of tag management systems across US airlines. Certainly, I was not able to review  every single airline’s website, but I created a list of 13 of the largest and arguably most popular ones. Overall, I have found that this industry is not embracing the trend of utilizing tag management systems. The only US airlines that actually use a TMS currently are US Airways, United and JetBlue. Here is a more detailed overview:

Tealium Ensighten No TMS BrightTag
Virgin America X
US Airways X
United X
Spirit Airlines X
Southwest X
Netjets X
JetBlue X
Hawaiian Airlines X
Frontier X
Delta X
Atlantic Airlines X
American Airlines X
Alaska Airlines X

Just like the US car industry, the US airline industry is an untapped opportunity for tag management system vendors.

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Originally Published On February 24, 2014
October 8, 2020