Ensure HubSpot Tags are on Every Page of your Site with Tag Inspector

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The HubSpot tag, or JavaScript tracking code, is imperative to fully utilizing the HubSpot platform. The tag allows HubSpot to tell you how your website is performing, from tracking traffic and sources to providing helpful tips to improve lead generation. Put simply, it’s what makes the software work. Installing this tag is typically the first thing a user must do in order to begin getting value out of HubSpot. However, if the tag isn’t correctly installed on every page of your site, inaccurate or missing data might lead to poor marketing decisions.

Breaking Bad Marketing

In the spirit of the final season of Breaking Bad, let’s break bad marketing decisions caused by incorrect implementation of your HubSpot tag.

But how could my tag be installed incorrectly?” you may be asking yourself. Below are just a few scenarios that might lead to problems:

  • You didn’t batch-upload the code to your site, rather manually placing the tracking code on every page.
  • You’ve added new pages to your site since the tracking code was originally implemented and never added the code to the new pages.
  • There were typos, misspellings, or JavaScript errors in the code.
  • The code was placed in the wrong section of the HTML (ie. in the <head> section as opposed to <body>)

Fortunately, there’s a tool that can help ease your woes. It’s called Tag Inspector. Tag Inspector will crawl through your entire website and locate tags – such as HubSpot’s tracking code – that are firing. It will tell you the line of code the tag is in, as well as pages that are missing the tag! And the best part, it delivers the results in a simple Excel .csv format. See an example of the email you’ll receive after each scan:

Tag Inspector Report

Not only will Tag Inspector help ensure proper implementation of HubSpot’s tracking code, but also any other tag in it’s 1000+ tag database. And this includes tags implemented through a tag management system! (by the way – here’s another relevant post on ensuring your Google Ananlytics data is accurate.)

Tag Inspector Logo

So, whether you’re a marketer or developer working for a company using HubSpot, or a marketing agency and HubSpot Value-Added Reseller looking to ensure your clients have properly implemented the tracking code, Tag Inspector might be just what the doctor ordered.

Contact us today to learn more about Tag Inspector or scan 100 pages of your site free to see how it works!

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Posted by Amin Shawki

Originally Published On January 27, 2014
October 8, 2020