How to Use Tag Inspector for Competitive Intelligence and Research

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Last year, InfoTrust launched a tag finding and discovery product called Tag Inspector.  There are so many benefits with the functional usage of TagInspector, especially when used for competitive intelligence.  With an increasingly more competitive digital marketing landscape, a tool like Tag Inspector can provide more intel into the digital marketing landscape, in order to help improve your own digital marketing efforts.

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Tag Inspector Background of Features and Benefits

Hopefully by now you have tried our exciting new product, Tag Inspector, but if not, here is a quick recap of top features:

  1. Crawls entire website for all firing tags whether it be directly in the page source, through a tag management system or loaded via another tag
  2. Generates excel downloable report and drilldown intereface to show pages scanned, what tags are present, what tags are not present and other details
  3. Can be configured for custom pages, tags, frequency of scans and size of scans (by number of total pages and domains)

For marketers, this can be valuable information for understanding your website performance and monitor overall site configuration to make sure any marketing tags you need to be firing, are indeed firing across your whole site.  Also, with the rapid changing of how tags are loaded, it can provide a mechanism for ensuring no unapproved tags are loaded on site.  However, another awesome marketing use case is for competitive intelligence.

TagInspector For Finding All Your Website Tags

How TagInspector Can Provide Competitive Intelligence

With the free and paid product, Tag Inspector Premium, there is no restriction to what URL you submit for the page crawl.  Not only is there no restriction to what URL you submit, there is no limit to the number of URLs you submit (depending on the package you have or upgrade to).  The main limitation (and difference) with the free product compared to the paid product, is the number of pages the crawler will crawl.  So there is no reason not to use Tag Inspector to investigate what your competition is doing, and how they are doing it.  Understanding what tags are used, and how they are used, can provide incredible insight to how agile and aggressive you need to be compared to your competition.  Below are 3 quick examples.

1st Example – Research for a Consulting Company

You are a social media consulting company and you have multiple clients in the automotive industry (specific but an example).  You can use Tag Inspector to research what other social media companies and agencies have running on their site (ie tags for social media, analytics, online advertising, and other onsite web applications).  This can potentially give you insight to what new tools and tags they may be experimenting with prior to introducing to their own clients. Furthermore, you can perform research on behalf of your clients in order to offer more competitive services and digital marketing techniques they may not be aware of.  In this example, scan other automotive companies similar to your clients and understand what tools or tags they are using.

2nd Example – Competitive Advantage for Agencies

In this example, you are an agency with multiple clients in different industries.  Tag Inspector is ideal for agencies needing to scan multiple client sites and domains, with custom ongoing reporting available all at once.  More importantly, you can set up custom ongoing reporting for other prospective leads. Our reports can be aggregated and customized together to provide an overview of all sites collectively in one report, or broken out site by site for deeper analysis.  By being able to submit any URL, agencies can perform research on new marketing tags and vendors to understand if they are right for their own clients or ensure tags within clients sites are still working properly and as expected. Plus you can determine if you are at a competitive advantage by using specific tags before anyone else (a selling point to potential clients!).  This enables all agencies to be proactive in helping their clients and obtaining new ones.

3rd Example – Competitive Intelligence for Tag Vendors

In this example, you are a tag vendor or provider of a marketing technology that requires javascript to be placed directly on the source code of sites (say a Tag management system, email/marketing automation software, analytics software etc.).  Tag Inspector could be used to see which potential clients have or don’t have your competitions marketing tag on their sites to determine which companies are your most promising leads.  Or you can scan hundreds of competitors clients to see if they are not affectively tagging their site or migrating to the tag management system in order to identify an opportunity to win over a new customer.

Conclusion: Try Tag Inspector!

There are so many wonderful uses for TagInspector, make sure to give it a try and let us know if you need any custom Tag Inspections!

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Posted by Amin Shawki
Originally Published On January 22, 2014
October 8, 2020