InfoTrust is Opening an Office in Barcelona, Spain!

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I am incredibly grateful and excited to announce that InfoTrust is opening an office in Barcelona, Spain. Not only it is considered by many to be the digital hub of Europe, but it was recently chosen by Business Insider as #6 place for millennials to live in the world – Best Cities for Millennials 2017.

Custom Why are we expanding to Barcelona?

Our clients are very large companies, many with global operations and offices. Our Barcelona office will allow us to be closer to our European clients* and achieve Glo-Cal: Global architecture with Local market support.

At the same time, our Tag Inspector product is receiving a lot of love from all over the world. We felt that now was the time for us to establish a European office to bring our patent-pending awesomeness to marketing and ad technology communities in Europe.

But yet there is another reason.

What’s common between Barcelona and Dubai?

An Amazing Place to Live

You got it – they are both amazing places to live.

We are not opening a physical office and we have no intention of doing so. Similar to Dubai we are going to participate in the local tech and marketing community by joining collocation space.

Not only being a part of colo is a better match for our culture, but colo spaces provide incredible opportunities to grow relationships, make friends, hire local talent and most importantly scale without having to get new office space. And we plan on taking advantage of those scaling opportunities.

As a father of 3 little kids, I am not moving anywhere from Sycamore school district. I honestly can’t say I wish I was single or childless so I could move to Barcelona because that’s not true – I wouldn’t trade my family for a million Barcelona’s… but we are all different.

Building an awesome culture is all about “doing onto others as they would do onto themselves.” And let me tell you – having a professional opportunity to spend some time in this amazing historical and culturally rich part of the world while participating in the incredible growth that is ahead of us could be a pretty good opportunity for quite a few people.

Pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Barcelona, here we come…..We are not hiring in Barcelona yet for logistical reasons, but if you are interested and you are an amazing web analytics expert, please contact us at

There is one thing all of our customers like to do for some reason – they like to cross out the section in the master services agreement where we ask for permission to use their name for marketing purposes. Oh well…. We like our customers, we respect our customers and we honor our word to our customers so we are not going to tell you who our clients in Barcelona are. They are awesome. We love them. You know them and you love them too.

BTW, if you want to work with a vendor who is the best in the world at what they do and will never share your stuff and not even your logo if this is important to you, then let’s talk. We are very selective about who we work with but if we are a good match – you have my word as a CEO that we will wow you and turn you into a raving fan. I will give you my cell phone and will welcome you to the family.

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