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The world of digital marketing is constantly changing, adapting, and improving to accommodate for new technologies and types of consumers. The most recent shift in digital marketing is the move from television and radio-based advertising to internet marketing. Gone are the general advertisements based on assumptions of what type of person you will reach with your ad. The move to internet-based marketing brings with it opportunities for much more personal and efficient advertisements.

By now you have probably noticed that if you spend some time online shopping for a new car, the ads you see are bound to be from automotive websites. So what is it that allows websites to cater their advertising strategy to each individual person? The answer is by using digital marketing tags and that’s just one of their many uses.

Tagopedia, the online library of digital marketing tags developed by the Tag Inspector Team at InfoTrust, LLC., describes tags as “bits of website code that serve various marketing needs – they help measure digital marketing, personalize content, increase social engagement, test your web content, and much more.”

Tagopedia Wikipedia for Marketing Tags Library

The digital tag market is growing rapidly and there are now over 1000+ tags available for websites to utilize in their marketing campaigns. With this vast amount of products available to companies, many can become lost as to which tags they should use and which will best serve their specific needs.

This is where Tagopedia comes in. Tagopedia’s library is a collection of the most popular digital tags and classifies each by category to assist companies in finding the perfect tags for their website. Each page includes a description of the tag, links to different parts of the vendor’s website, and other crucial information that allows companies to learn more about each specific tag. We believe that Tagopedia will allow any website to find the right tags to use to best optimize digital marketing campaigns, gain more leads and convert those leads into paying customers. You can find more information on the Tagopedia wiki itself.

Tagopedia Wikipedia of Marketing Tags


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Originally Published On January 28, 2014
October 8, 2020