New Tag Inspector Case Study: L2TMedia

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Tag Inspector can save an organization time and energy when it comes to ensuring proper tagging across websites. There is no limit to the amount of pages, scans and sites that Tag Inspector can glean insights from. Many organizations use it regularly to scan their own digital properties and keep track of changes that may have occurred. Some use Tag Inspector to scan other digital properties they do not own either for competitive intelligence reasons or for their own clients.

One of our clients, L2TMedia, uses Tag Inspector to stay more connected and aware of changes occurring across more than 300+ client websites. L2TMedia provides targeted digital marketing solutions including PPC, Display, SEO, YouTube advertising, social media marketing and reputation management.

See their case study below for benefits and results they found using Tag Inspector. Make sure to contact us here if you’re interested in a new account!

L2TMedia Tag Inspector Case Study

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Posted by Amin Shawki

Originally Published On January 30, 2014
October 8, 2020