Tag Inspector Feature Update – Basic HTTP Auth Support in Scans

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Tag updates and data collection validation in lower environments and staging sites have long been able to be accomplished with Tag Inspector Realtime. Of late, we have had many clients working on tag migration to new Tag Management Systems and site-wide deployments. As a result, there were several requests to verify tag coverage across all pages prior to new sites being deployed to Production.

In response to this we have rolled out the ability to Scan sites with basic HTTP authentication.

Using this functionality you can configure the Tag Inspector Scanner to login to the Staging environment and then Scan all pages to see tags firing on all pages.


Test tag coverage and identify any gaps in required tag deployment prior to full deployment to Production


Update was made to be able to queue Scans specifying basic authentication details to scan staging environments. This is an update, for now, to the Tag Inspector Scan Management API. When queing a Scan via the API, two new additional parameters can be added to the BODY of the request. These parameters are ‘httpUsername’ and ‘httpPassword’ for the Username and Password, respectively. When these are applied the Scanner will use these credentials to reach the lower environment and then initiate a Scan.

Test and validate tag coverage on staging environments. Happy Scanning!

Originally Published On March 27, 2018
July 14, 2023