Tag Inspector Feature Update (Beta): Macro/Login Recorder

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Last month we were excited to announce our update to support basic HTTP Authentication for scanning lower testing environments. In the month of April, we’ve taken this a step further by rolling out a new Macro/Login Recorder (Beta Feature)!

The new Recorder allows you to record a user input on a site and save this to the Scanner to complete the action. The primary area where this is useful today is to scan behind a log-in, be that on the production environment or in a lower testing environment.

You can download the Macro Recorder from the Chrome Webstore and add as an extension to your Chrome browser. Once implemented, you have the ability to record a login sequence so Tag Inspector Scans can run behind logged in pages.

Future support for recording user actions and form inputs will be added in the coming months. For now, please try out the new plug-in and let us know if you have any feedback!


What This Means for You

Ability to Scan behind logged in pages on your websites! This further support allows you to Scan a site as a logged in user or to reach pages previously unreachable with Tag Inspector Scans.

As always, let us know if we can help in any way with configuration or audits!

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