Tag Inspector Feature Update – DoubleClick Floodlight Account IDs in Scan Reports

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Due to popular request, DoubleClick Floodlight Advertiser IDs are now parsed and displayed within Tag Inspector Scan reports.

Similar to how Analytics Account IDs and Property IDs are parsed and displayed, so too now are DoubleClick Floodlight Advertiser IDs. This allows for more granular reporting when it comes to ensuring full Floodlight coverage on marketing and landing pages.

Combine this with the ability to scan a list of URLs as outline last month and fully automate Floodlight audits across client sites!

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Automate auditing of Floodlight tags across client sites. On many sites there will be multiple Floodlights deployed for various different campaigns and partners. By viewing the Floodlight Advertiser ID in the Scan UI report, easily identify gaps in Floodlight coverage for a specific configuration.


An update to the logic being used in the visualization functionality in the reports. The queries being run on the Tag Request data collected in the Scans now parses the ‘src’ parameter from Floodlight requests to show the number of pages containing each Advertiser ID. View pages containing each configuration along with pages missing for easy audits.

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