Tag Inspector Feature Update – Scan Engine and Tag Hierarchy

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Single Page Applications (SPA) are all the rage when it comes to site development. Be it the perceived benefits when it comes to page performance, user experience, or that it’s a cool concept – more and more clients are starting to utilize dynamically loaded pages for all or part of their sites. As a result, Tag Inspector has rolled out additional functionality and support for Single Page Applications in both the Scan and Realtime modules.


Due to pages dynamically loading, the traditional method of following links to build a ‘sitemap’ to Scan does not work. This is true for both Tag Inspector’s initial crawler as well as other web crawlers. As a result, many of our clients using a SPA will have an xml sitemap on their domain. If this is the case, simply input the xml sitemap domain as the ‘Start URL’ when kicking off a Scan and we’ll be good to go! If this is not the case, we have rolled out functionality to Scan a csv list of URLs. Simply input the list (use this video as a reference) and we will Scan each page input.


Within Realtime we will still collect data sent on pages that dynamically load. The issue comes in due to Validation Rules being evaluated on the ‘Window Unload’ event. With dynamic pages, the Window does not ‘unload’ when navigating from one page to another. As a result, an additional piece to the configuration becomes necessary. This is outlined in this support document. Once implementing the additional event, dynamic pages become treated the same as regular page loads within Realtime.


As with anything involving dynamically loaded pages, there is a small additional step to make it all work. Reference the video and support documentation linked above to get it running on your site!

As always, let us know if we can help at all with configuration and audit away!

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