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We are excited to re-introduce and share a new feature for Tag Inspector that differentiates it from other tag inspecting tools on the market today: the ability to scan a site without impacting web analytics data!  Tag Inspector can crawl a site, emulating a real visitor browsing and capturing all tags firing on every page, but will not generate false pageviews or hits to SiteCatalyst, Coremetrics, Google Analytics and even Google’s new measurement platform, Universal Analytics. Other analytics tools are planned to be added in future releases.


Tag Inspector Crawler

Not only will this enable users to quickly scan more sites without any worry of analytics data being affected, it will help organizations scale their proactive scanning processes by scheduling more scans for more sites!  This change does not only affect live pages on your site (or those shown within the sitemap, if you are running your sitemap through a scan only) but every page that is scanned will not send “false” data.

A few other technical updates that will soon be released as additional reporting metrics include:

  • Latency for each tag scanned
  • Tag hierarchy reporting and visualizations depicting how a tag is loading on the site- whether it is directly on the page source, within a tag management system or external javascript file (still in beta)
  • Cookies logged on each page of a site with each cookie traced back to the tag that set it.
  • Line number of where a tag was found on the page source for better technical troubleshooting
  • Tag P3P Protocol for each tag found on the site
Keep in mind, though these metrics are being captured currently, we have not pushed these data points into the reports yet due to the primary need of understanding where tags are found and/or missing across a whole site.  Please contact us if you are interested in a report that will show all this information for any site’s scan.
Thanks to feedback from clients and prospects, our engineering department has been hard at work providing updates and new features that are most important for businesses scanning needs.  We have an aggressive development cycle in place to continuously innovate how Tag Inspector scans sites and provides the right data for your team.
As always, please feel free to submit any additional ideas/needs you have and stay tuned for additional updates.
Happy tagging!
Tag Inspector - Find All Tags Firing On Your Site
Posted by Amin Shawki
Originally Published On January 26, 2014
October 8, 2020