The Friday Five – July’s Tag Management and Web Analytics Headlines

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The Friday Five catches you up on the weekly big stories in the worlds of Tag Management and Web Analytics. We summarize, and you enjoy.


The Month of July Brought Us:

Piwik PRO Expands Analytics Platform with Tag Manager – Piwik PRO, a web analytics firm established in 2013, announced last month that its web analytics platform will now include a tag management solution named Piwik PRO Tag Manager. CEO of Piwik Pro, Maciej Zawadzinski said, “Using the full potential of our product often requires gathering large amounts of data, especially when dealing with many web pages and a high volume of visitors. With a tag manager our users can accomplish a range of specialized tasks and enhance their existing analytics reports.” For more information on the new tag manager, check out the official press release at

New Report Emphasizes Tag Management’s Importance to Personalization – In Forrester Research’s new report, Digital Experience Technology and Delivery Priorities, 2016, over 50% of respondents deemed tag management to be a key solution for personalization initiatives. By providing enterprises the means to collect tracking data across channels and devices, tag management gives companies the opportunity to turn captured data into personalization strategies and insight. The full study by Forrester Research can be downloaded at

Google Releases Document Outlining Metric Definitions – Google Search Analytics Reports, which help users monitor things such as search traffic change and click-through rates, have been the subject of much discussion in terms of certain metrics and their meanings. With these metrics in mind, Google released a document defining all of the metrics used, and even outlined how each respective metric changes based on the type of result. Specifically, Google expanded upon impressions, position, and clicks. To view the new help document, visit

Brandwatch Launches Audiences Analytics Tool – Founded as an enterprise intelligence company, Brandwatch recently launched a new analytics tool named Audiences to help marketers with campaign insight formation. The new solution comes with a wide range of features, such as the ability to build custom audiences from scratch and discover influencers among them. To view the full list of Audiences features and book a demo, visit

Ubimo and Cuebiq Offer Real-Time Offline Conversion AnalyticsUbimo, known for their mobile marketing platform, announced its partnership with Cuebiq to integrate real-time visit conversion optimization within an analytics platform. COO of Ubimo, Gilad Amitai commented on Cuebiqs technology and said, “Their emphasis on measurement accuracy is in line with the Ubimo commitment to quality, and serves as a perfect complement to our multi-sourced data platform.” The official press release can be found at

Originally Published On August 5, 2016
July 20, 2017