The Friday Five – Tag Management and Web Analytics (6/24)

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The Friday Five catches you up on the weekly big stories in the worlds of Tag Management and Web Analytics. We summarize, and you enjoy.


This Week Brought Us:

Google Analytics Implements New Security Alerts – With Safe Browsing alerts having already been implemented within Google Analytics, Google is continuing these same efforts to combat malware distribution and phishing attacks by adding notifications about potential 3rd party compromises. In these cases, Google Analytics will now include alerts that not only flag the compromised domain within the Google Analytics UI, but will also provide resources for resolving the issue in order to protect personal information. For the full security feature update, visit

Search Marketing ROI Validation Eludes Enterprises – Clutch, a source of enterprise research on design and marketing companies, released a report on Thursday entitled, “Enterprise Marketing Survey 2016: Search Marketing Results.” Within the report, 18% of the participants cited “Proving return on investment” as the top challenge to search marketing given the complexity of SEO web tracking. Dave Rohrer, founder of NorthSide Metrics, said, “With TV advertising, ABC can tell us how many million viewers a program will have and what its demographic is. With paid ads, we can pay a certain amount for clicks and see what percentage are converted to a lead or a sale. SEO is harder to measure and, as a result, harder to get a budget for.” For more information on the report, visit

Mobile App Tracking: Firebase Analytics or Google Analytics 360? – Having been released to the public last month by Google, Firebase Analytics has been the source of many questions in its relation to Google Analytics, whether that be their respective features, benefits, uses, and much more. It is with these questions in mind that Andy Gibson, Head of Vertical at InfoTrust, wrote a product breakdown of Firebase Analytics and how it compares to Google Analytics 360 for mobile apps. The full breakdown can be found on our blog at

FCC Regulations Under Fire for Potential Blind Spot –  Closing for public comments on July 6th, the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) proposal of new privacy regulations for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) is under fire for its omission of Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other online enterprises from the privacy rules that will be drafted under the new regulations. Many cite this as a potential shortcoming and inconsistency in the new regulations, especially in light of the ever evolving technologies that consumers will use in the future and the incredible data collections possible. The full breakdown of the proposal can be found at

InMobi Pays Price for Illegal Consumer Tracking – A mobile advertising platform founded in 2007, InMobi illegally disregarded millions of consumer privacy preferences for the purpose of geo-targeting. Now, InMobi will not only have to pay for its actions with a fine of $950,000, but will also be forced to delete all the information collected illegally. With this case in mind, many enterprises within the analytics and web tracking industry are reevaluating and reviewing their own respective privacy policies and consumer disclosures. More details about the case can be found at

Originally Published On June 24, 2016
July 20, 2017