The Friday Five – Tag Management and Web Analytics (7/8)

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The Friday Five catches you up on the weekly big stories in the worlds of Tag Management and Web Analytics. We summarize, and you enjoy.


This Week Brought Us:

Streaming Analytics Market: 13.7B Valuation by 2021 – According to a report published by MarketsandMarkets, the Streaming Analytics Market is expected to grow from a 3.08 billion dollar valuation in 2016 to a 13.7 billion dollar valuation by 2021. Citing the emergence of Internet of Things (IoT), increasing demand of competitive insights, and increases in both agility and forecast accuracy, MarketsandMarkets outlined a 34.8% expected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for the industry as a whole. Full details of the report can be found at

Google Seeks to Connect Tracking Data Across Platforms – Google, who collects massive amount of data on its users across their products, is developing a new personalized feature for its users called, “My Activity.” Combining data that had been collected separately in the past, My Activity will now track user activity across all of Google’s products, whether that be Google Search, Gmail, YouTube, etc. This development will not only hold potential for more dynamically personalized ads to be served to respective individuals, but will also help in tracking marketing attribution across Google’s platforms. For more informaton, visit

Microsoft Leverages Cortana and User Web Tracking – Cortana Intelligence with Bing Predicts, a new end-to-end consulting program launched by Microsoft, will “bring the power of Microsoft’s unique corpus of social, search and web data to let customers enrich and augment their Cortana Intelligence Suite solutions…” This combination will allow Microsoft consulting teams to develop insights not only into consumer preferences, but also industry trends. More information on the Cortana Intelligence with Bing Predicts service can be found at

Are you getting the most out of Google Analytics for CRO? – Conversion rate optimization (CRO) has been a popular subject among marketers and analysts alike, as maximizing conversion can lead to driving sales volume. Jeremy Smith, a conversion consultant who has helped enterprise giants such as IBM, released six custom Google Analytics (GA) reports for the improvement of how enterprises analyze their conversion metrics. The full six reports can be found at

Native Analytics Released as “Analytics-as-a-Service” – Keen IO, a cloud analytics company based out of San Francisco, released Native Analytics, a complete end-to-end analytics solution open to customization for the customer. By allowing both its platform API and visualization library  to be customized, branded, and embedded by client companies, COO Will O’Brien said, “Point solutions like Mixpanel, Amplitude, and Google Analytics have specific capabilities, while Native Analytics is highly adaptable.” More information on Native Analytics can be found at


Originally Published On July 8, 2016
July 20, 2017