The Friday Five – Tag Management and Web Analytics (7/22)

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The Friday Five catches you up on the weekly big stories in the worlds of Tag Management and Web Analytics. We summarize, and you enjoy.


This Week Brought Us:

Ensighten Showcases Incredible Q2 Growth – Ensighten, a global vendor of omni-channel and tag management solutions, closed out its second quarter on Wednesday with not only strong numbers, but also impressive clients among its portfolio. Included are six of the most valuable brands in the world, such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Facebook, and Toyota. Josh Manion, CEO of Ensighten, said, “This clearly establishes Ensighten as the leader in customer data solutions for the enterprise.” More information on Ensighten’s Q2 performance can be found at

Google Announces Updates at DoubleClick Leadership Summit – On Tuesday, Google made a series of announcements at the DoubleClick Leadership Summit, which were centered around mobile and programmatic. One of the announcements concerned Google’s initiatives to improve mobile web experiences for its users, especially in relation to mobile ad speed. Also, Google announced that DoubleClick Bid Manager advertisers will now be able to buy auto-generated native ads programmatically. The full list of updates and developments can be found at

Tealium CIO Jay Calavas Talks Redefining Anonymous Visitors – 97% of visitors to websites are “anonymous,” meaning they do not identify themselves to the website’s brand or business. Tealium’s Chief Innovation Officer Jay Calavas discussed why these anonymous visitors need to be redefined, as well as how crucial they are to businesses. The full video can be found at

InfoTrust Outlines Google Analytics for Accelerated Mobile Pages – The Head of Vertical in News & Media at InfoTrust, Andy Gibson published his work on what Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are, the benefits they provide, as well as how to use Google Analytics for them. The full article, which includes actual code for tracking AMP with Google Analytics, can be found at

DialogTech Launches Dialog Analytics – A call attribution provider for marketers and analysts, DialogTech announced on Thursday its new solution: Dialog Analytics. It will allow marketers to analytics on inbound calls directly attributable to their marketing channels. This solution is being cited as the only solution that “automatically categorizes data and insights from customer phone calls, enabling marketers to identify caller intent, trends and outcomes as well as understand what types of calls are being driven without having to listen to recorded calls.”More information on the release of Dialog Analytics can be found at



Originally Published On July 22, 2016
July 20, 2017