The Friday Five – This Week in the Tag Management Space (5/27)

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The Friday Five catches you up weekly on the big stories in the Tag Management Space. We summarize, and you enjoy.  


For this week in the Tag Management Space:

Google Releases Data Studio 360 – Data Studio 360, a new platform for data visualization, was released at the annual Google Performance Summit. By combining a familiar Google UI design with brand visualization and data control features, Data Studio 360 will serve as an avenue for data integration with other Google products like the new Tag Manager 360, which now contains tag management support and services for enterprise clients. For more information, visit the Google Analytics 360 Suite website at

TAG Launches “Certified Against Fraud” Initiative – With the digital advertising supply chain losing $7.2 billion through false impressions generated by bot-generated traffic, the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) launched its “Certified Against Fraud” Initiative on Monday with a package of anti-fraud tools and certification guidelines. Alongside thirty advertising technology firms, TAG aims to help confront the effects that fraudulent, non-human traffic creates for companies, such as  inaccurate campaign impression tracking by website tags. More information can be found at

Facebook Shuts Down FBX – The Facebook Ad Exchange (FBX), which allowed eligible advertising technology companies to purchase Facebook ads for the desktop computer platform, will be shut down. This announcement comes at a time when the company’s focus has continued to shift to mobile pixels and advertising through their Custom Audiences and Dynamic Ad features. Facebook’s Vice President of Monetization Product Marketing Matt Idema said, “Dynamic Ads and Custom Audiences have mobile at their core and are delivering excellent results for businesses, so Facebook Exchange spending has shifted towards those solutions.” More information can be found at

Data Governance in Spotlight with Data Security Legislation – This week, trade associations lobbied Congress to pass the Data Security Act of 2015, which would require all retailers to follow consumer information protection standards. This legislation comes in light of growing privacy and security concerns over personal information in the digital community.  According to the ITRC Data Breach Report, over 169,000,000 consumer records were breached in 2015, which only demonstrates the need for data governance in the digital space. To learn more about the Data Security Act of 2015, visit

Google Improves Security with Chrome 51 – On Wednesday, Google’s Chrome 51 launched for Windows and Mac. With Chrome 51’s launch came a collection of developer and API features, but also bug fixes strengthening the security of Google Chrome itself, which now supports over one billion users. Changes concerned areas from cookie request restriction to user protection from malicious websites. For more information and the complete list of features, visit

Originally Published On May 27, 2016
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