Using Tag Inspector for Lead Prospecting

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Tag Inspector can simplify everything from understanding your competitors and obtaining key competitive intelligence, to making sure the rights tags are firing on the right pages of your site as well as the sites of your clients.  Tag Inspector is all about simplifying tag scanning and understanding exactly what tags are firing and not firing across your site easily, quickly and in a way that is actionable.

Tag Inspector Crawl Technology for Tag Scanning

Tag Inspector can be used for yet another very important function: lead prospecting. Below are a few examples.

Example 1: Marketing Automation/Adwords/Analytics Companies and the Agencies That Represent Them

If you work for a company that sells marketing software as a service, such as Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, AudienceScience, Google Analytics, etc. (or an agency that resells these services), you’d probably be very interested in knowing which sites use your competitors tags and which are using none of your competitors tags at all! If a company’s website is using your competitors tags, you can target said company with specific content on why your tool is superior. If they aren’t using any of your competitors tags, but fit your buyer persona, even better! These people instantly become your target and potential new client. Better begin the lead nurturing process and reach out with some content (or a nifty Tag Inspector scan).

This same logic also works for digital advertising and analytics companies. Orgniazations like Adroll, Adsense, Adbrite, Chitika, etc. are all competing services using Google’s primary source of revenue, Adwords. These companie, as well as the agencies that partner with them, would love data from Tag Inspector to find potential clients that might be unhappy with their existing ad agency or haven’t begun online advertising at all! Tag Inspector can provide this valuable lead prospecting information.  Tag Inspector can even show some light issues with certain tags, such as Google Analytics validation errors.  These errors could affect Adwords and other advertising tags from properly attributing conversions.  Tags are often dependent on each other as well, so one tag not working properly could have a ripple affect or errors.


Adwords and Google Analytics Integration

Example 2: Comparing sites over time

Just because a company might not fit your marketing mix now, doesn’t mean they won’t in a few months.  Tag Inspector now has the functionality for all customers to compare any sites they choose with the drop down date adjuster, to see what top prospects (and competitors) are doing over time. Seeing what tags they’re implementing, removing, changing, etc. will allow you to stay one step ahead – or at the very least not fall behind.

Here are just a few more examples of how Tag Inspector can help your organization obtain new leads and ultimately sales. Try Tag Inspector for free and let us know how you think Tag Inspector could be used for your organization.

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Posted by James Love

Originally Published On January 23, 2014
October 8, 2020