Why Would a Digital Marketer Want to Use Tag Inspector?

Why Would a Product Manager Want to use Tag Inspector?
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The Value of Having Insight into Tag Coverage

Many of our clients find it hard to gain visibility into what advertising and analytics platforms are being loaded across their large volume of sites and are concerned about what implications that lack of clarity can have for their organization. The more sites they try to keep up on, the easier it is to lose track of what has been implemented and where.

That is where Tag Inspector comes in. Our clients would tell you that Tag Inspector is an essential supplement to any tagging or analytics implementation. From data privacy law compliance needs such as global tagging visibility, PII detection and risk assessments, to data quality assurance needs such as tag coverage reports, parameter validation, and tag load behavior visualizations, Tag Inspector has all of your tag implementation questions covered.

So why does this matter to you as a digital marketer?

Privacy Law Compliance

Whether you are a marketer for an organization operating in the United States, Europe, or globally, the fact of the matter is that your business is going to be subject to scrutiny from user data privacy laws like CCPA or GDPR, and not being compliant with these laws can easily lead to large fines or worse. 

With Tag Inspector, you can easily upload a list of all of your websites into our governance dashboard and monitor how your tagging architecture behaves under various user consent conditions in regions with stringent privacy laws. From there, you can gain insight into which tags are putting your organization at the most risk for breaking these laws, as well as acquire the necessary information you need to be able to remediate the problem tags, all in one place.

Data Quality Assurance

As a digital marketer, no one understands better than you the need for quality, actionable data. If you can’t trust the validity of your data, how are you going to know whether the campaigns you are launching are effective? Without a tag auditing platform like Tag Inspector, do you really know that your tags are providing the correct data when and where you need them to? No one likes the idea of funneling resources into the wrong campaigns based on faulty or incomplete data.

Through Tag Inspector, you have multiple avenues to gain the assurances you need to feel confident in your decisions based upon your marketing and analytics data.

Our scanner allows you to have a global review of every tag loading on your site, which pages they loaded on, how they loaded, and what parameters and cookies they set. Are you worried you’re getting duplicate pageviews? Or maybe that your analytics platform is not firing on every page? Just because you have tags implemented in your tag management system does not mean those are the only tags loading on your site or that they are firing everywhere you want them to. Scanner can provide you with easy-to-understand visualizations of where they are coming from and coverage reporting. Most of our clients are surprised to find that there are more platforms loading on their sites than just the ones they know about.

The Realtime module provides you with the ability to set up validation rules to assure that things like your data layer and tags are sending the information you want when you want them to. It can even alert you when things aren’t behaving as expected and afford you the opportunity and information needed to remediate the issue before losing too much precious data.

Who knows what you might find when you start to examine your tag implementation with Tag Inspector? New features are being added all the time to better help you improve your digital marketing.

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Originally Published On January 16, 2014
March 2, 2023